Content Specs Cheat Sheet

Image specs

Image sizes are width by height in pixels. Remember, you can also add images to the body content with an image component or with the WYSIWYG.

  • 1920 x 1080 px (high quality)
  • 1366 x 768 px (less detailed)

Learn more about hero images.

  • Round thumbnails: 100 x 100 px
  • Round icon: 80 x 80 px
  • Rectangular: 220  x 142 px

Learn more about image links.

  • Transparent icon: 180 x 180 px
  • Vertical image: 368 x 500 px

View the image link list in PatternLab.

  • Full: 550 x 355 px (horizontal format)
  • Square: 80 x 80 px

Learn more about CTA components.

  • 1200 x 468 px

  • 120 x 88 px

  • 564 x 376 px

  • 500 x 324 px

Character limits

Character limits include punctuation and spacing. Recommended denotes a best practice, whereas enforced means the CMS field will not allow you to go over that character limit.

Page content character limits

  • 50-70 characters (recommended)

  • 60 characters (enforced)

  • 160 characters (recommended)

What is a meta description?

A unique and concise summary of the page's content that is a maximum of 160 characters in length. The description meta tag may be used by search engines to display a snippet about the page in search results.

How do I update a meta description?

Go to your page, then select Edit > in the right pane, there will be a Meta Tags heading > click to expand that > Basic Tags > Description

Image character limits

  • 150 characters (recommended)

What is alt text?

This is brief, meaningful text used by screen readers, search engines or when the image cannot be loaded. It is also the link text used if the image is a link.

  • 255 characters (enforced)

Component character limits

  • CTA component headline is in bold text with the short description under it
    Credit: National Science Foundation
    Headline: 60 characters (enforced)
  • Short description: 280 characters (enforced)
  • Learn more about CTAs.

  • Short description: 130 characters (enforced)
The short description in a featured content component can only be 130 characters long
Credit: National Science Foundation

Learn more about the Featured Content component.

  • Title: 30 - 50 characters (recommended)
  • Short description: 100 characters (recommended)

  • 70 characters (recommended)

  • Headline: 150 characters (enforced)
  • Short description: 200 characters (enforced)

  • Short description: 150 characters (enforced)

  • Statistic: 9 characters (recommended)
  • Short description: 120 characters (recommended)