When to use the quote component

  • To draw attention to a particular passage in a news story.
  • To share a testimonial related to other content on the page.

Tips for adding a quote

Because the same quote can be added to multiple pages, they are uploaded and managed outside the Layout Builder.

To add a Quote, select the Quote component from the layout builder and search for the existing quote. Need to add your quote first? We've populated a link in the layout builder that allows you to create the quote first. 

Important: When adding a quote to a page, check the Published checkbox before Update Quote. If you forget to do this, your quote will be hidden from users not logged into the CMS.

The Title field doesn't display above the quote; it's only used for finding the quote in the CMS.


  • Quote images are 220 x 220 pixels.
    • You can add a quote without an image.
  • There are optional fields to add a person's name and a person's position/title.
  • The quote text field is a WYSIWYG.

Quote with an image example

A bearded man works in a greenhouse

[Merit Review] is a painstaking endeavor but the result is clear: basic research selected for funding by the NSF has led directly to cell-phone technology, MRI scanners, and the Google search engine, to name just a few outcomes that today are valued in the billions of dollars.

John P. Holdren
former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Quote without an image example

This is an example of a quote without an image.

This is where you would put the name of the person who made the quote.
This is where you would put that person's position/title.