NSF Media Hub

Add an image to the NSF Media Hub

All images used on new.nsf.gov must be in the NSF Media Hub before you can add them in the Drupal CMS. These directions will walk you through how to add your images to the NSF Media Hub.

  • Log in to the NSF Media Hub.
    • If you're on VPN or in NSF HQ, you'll be automatically logged in to the appropriate area of the system. Otherwise you'll be asked to enter your NSF credentials.
    • Select Agree and continue to accept the privacy policy.
  • Select Upload assets from the main dashboard page.
  • In Step 1: Choose details, select Upload to beta.nsf.gov as your profile.
    • Select Next.
  • In Step 2: Add metadata, you can skip this step for now; you'll be asked for the image metadata at a later step.
    • Select Next to skip this step.
  • In Step 3: Select files, browse for the image you want to add or drag-and-drop the image into the Drop files here or browse box.
    • Select Next when you're done.
  • In Step 4: Review and edit, wait for the Upload status to show as Completed for your uploaded images. Select the link under Filename to add your metadata.
    • You'll be taken to a page that has a preview of the image you've uploaded and an area to add the metadata fields. Fill in each of the metadata fields: Title, Caption, Credit, Alt text. This information will be displayed to the public on beta.nsf.gov. The question mark icon next to each field contains more information. 
    • Select Back to summary.
  • Select New upload to add additional images.

If you have any questions about Media Hub please contact olpa_image_research@nsf.gov

NSF Media Hub authentication

The first time you add an image to a page, either with the image component or from the WYSIWYG editor, you'll need to authenticate with the NSF Media Hub.

When you select NSF Media Hub, select authenticate to be taken to the authentication screen. The authentication screen opens in a new tab.

Select Go under Login with SSO and then select Allow. This will authenticate your account. 

Return to your image tab and select reload the page. You can choose your image from the NSF Media Hub.

Select the radio button on your image and then click Select assets.