The Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC) supports the development of an integrated ecosystem of cyberinfrastructure resources to accelerate research and innovation through investments in advanced computing, data and software infrastructure, networking capabilities, topical centers of excellence, user-facing services and related learning and workforce development.

What OAC does

OAC supports the computational- and data-intensive cyberinfrastructure (CI) needs of the U.S. science and engineering research and education community through a wide array of crosscutting investments in technology, practices, expertise and community building, such as:  

  • High-performance computing, high-throughput computing and other types of advanced computing resources.  
  • Domestic and international high-speed campus-to-science facility networking. 
  • Coordinated services and topical centers of excellence. 
  • Trustworthy, reusable and sustainable community software and robust data infrastructure development.   
  • Cybersecurity systems and services development for cyberinfrastructure and major research facilities and platforms. 

OAC also supports training and workforce development, scholarly exchanges and virtual organizations so that cyberinfrastructure can be used productively, maintained sustainably and governed effectively. 

OAC collaborates with all U.S. National Science Foundation offices and directorates on crosscutting programs to develop approaches to research CI that open new frontiers for discovery and innovation. 


Contact information

General inquiries may be directed to OAC staff. View the OAC staff directory. 

For media inquiries, please call (703) 292-7090 or email NSF Public Affairs at media@nsf.gov.