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Estab­lished Program to Stim­u­late Com­pet­i­tive Research

EPSCoR Live!

About the series

The Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is hosting virtual forums to enable conversation about NSF programs, policies, and updates. Researchers, educators, and leaders within research administration, especially those in EPSCoR jurisdictions, are welcome to join these events to learn more about the latest programs and news and to engage in Q&A with EPSCoR Program Officers.

Events are planned at roughly monthly intervals and the topics vary for each event. Each event will begin with a brief presentation, followed by extensive questions and discussion. 


EPSCoR Live! on Exploring the Administrative Core for E-CORE

July 17 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT

Audience: This EPSCoR Live! session will be of interest to EPSCoR State Offices, EPSCoR RII PIs, E-CORE RII current and potentially future awardees, and all EPSCoR stakeholders

Topic: Join us for a deeper dive into exploring the critical role of the required Administrative Core component of the EPSCoR Collaborations for Optimizing Research Ecosystems Research Infrastructure Improvement (E-CORE RII) Program. E-CORE RII is designed to connect all aspects of the research ecosystem in EPSCoR jurisdictions, including the EPSCoR state offices, the broader research environment, researchers, stakeholders, and STEM research, education, and workforce development activities.

This virtual session will include a walkthrough of the role and promising models of the E-CORE Administrative Core, which includes jurisdiction-wide functions of supporting, operating, managing, and disseminating research capacity building activities in the jurisdiction.  The session will further complement the June 2024 EPSCoR Live! on Exploring EPSCoR Research Ecosystems, which highlighted best practices and innovative solutions developed by the EPSCoR community to optimize connections within the jurisdiction’s current research ecosystem.

How to Attend: Advance registration is required. Click here to register. Please use an institutional email address for registration. 

How to Submit Questions: EPSCoR Live! participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance through the registration form or by sending an email to    

While real-time captioning will be available, requests for additional accommodations may be sent to


Past EPSCoR Live! Events


June 2024

EPSCoR Live! on EPSCoR Brand Application and Logo Use Webinar

June 3 

EPSCoR Live! on EPSCoR Brand Application and Logo Use
NSF staff members, Cori Bassett (Branch Chief) and Amanda Meyers (Lead Visual Information Specialist), from the NSF Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, discuss the new NSF Policy on Brand Standards, the NSF brand identity and how to apply its brand elements effectively. The proper procedures for use of NSF and EPSCoR logos are also discussed.
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


April 2024

EPSCoR Live! – E-CORE and E-RISE
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


March 13, 2024

EPSCoR Live! – Open Science
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


February 20, 2024

EPSCoR Live! – EPSCoR Workshop Opportunities
In this video, Dr. Pinhas Ben-Tzvi discusses EPSCoR Workshop Opportunities, which supports workshops in eligible jurisdictions that focus on topics of regional or national importance, and which are relevant to building EPSCoR jurisdictions’ R&D capacity.
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


January 25, 2024

EPSCoR Office Hours – EPSCoR Research Fellows
In this video, Dr. Chinonye Whitley and colleagues discussed the EPSCoR Research Fellows opportunity, which aims to transform the career trajectories of non-tenured and tenured investigators through extended visits to private, government, or academic institutions.
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


November 15, 2023

NSF EPSCoR Office Hour: November 2023
Learn what specific activities NSF EPSCoR has been working on in response to recommendations from the Future of NSF EPSCoR Report. The information session included a presentation from EPSCoR Section Head, Sandra Richardson and the Future of EPSCoR subcommittee co-chair, Dr. Jose Fuentes.
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


October 4, 2023

NSF EPSCoR Office Hour: October 2023
EPSCoR Office Hour on RII Track-2
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation


September 7, 2023

NSF EPSCoR Office Hour: September 2023
Dr. Sandra Richardson, NSF EPSCoR Section Head and Dr. Alicia J. Knoedler, Head of the Office of Integrative Activities, exchange ideas on collaborating across EPSCoR jurisdictions to further impact research and development capacity and competitiveness. This video is of particular interest to research administration leaders at any higher education institution in an EPSCoR jurisdiction.
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation