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Evaluation and Assessment Capability - ETAP

ETAP (Education and Training Application)

NSF ETAP system

NSF's ETAP is a free, full-fledged, customizable common application system that connects individuals (such as students and teachers) with NSF-funded education and training opportunities. By collecting high-quality data from applicants and participants in NSF-funded opportunities, ETAP enhances NSF's ability to monitor its education and workforce efforts and facilitates future evaluations of their impact.

For principal investigators, NSF ETAP provides a secure platform to:

  • Easily configure opportunities for applicants.
  • Customize application requirements.
  • Manage applicants and participants from one location.

For applicants, NSF ETAP opens doors to valuable opportunities, including:

  • Active field research experiences.
  • Hands-on learning and mentorship.
  • Summer programs and teaching assistantships.
  • Internships and career experience.
  • Scholarships and fellowships.