SBE encourages fundamental research and education proposals related to women's health topics

Despite making up more than half of the population, women are historically understudied and underrepresented in health research. The historical exclusion of women from scientific and biomedical research studies, combined with the undervaluation of research that advances knowledge on conditions that uniquely, differentially, or disproportionately affect women, has resulted in significant knowledge and health gaps. Addressing these research gaps will ultimately advance everyone's health, prosperity and welfare.

The U.S. National Science Foundation continues to support fundamental science and engineering research with implications for women's health. A new Dear Colleague Letter reaffirms the NSF commitment to fund discovery, innovation and research translation on topics of relevance to women's health, from the molecular to the ecosystem level, including input from the full range of science, engineering, and education that NSF supports.

Read the Dear Colleague Letter: Funding Opportunities for Science and Engineering Research with Impact on Women's Health to learn more about the specific proposal areas.