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Science Matters

From Earth’s poles to black holes, NSF stories about transforming the world through science.

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Yellow and orange colored light creates a ring around the edges of a black hole.

Why are black holes so camera shy?

April 9, 2020
Snapping a picture of a black hole is not as easy as taking a picture of your dog, or even another planet in our solar system for a couple simple reasons.
A woman and a child sit at a table with worksheets in front of them

7 ways to help your kids with math homework

March 30, 2020
If you’ve ever had to help your child with math homework, you really appreciate their teachers, who do it every day. “Math anxiety” isn’t something only kids experience.
Woman looking at floating computer screen

Supporting the Foundation of Fairness in AI

March 12, 2020
Artificial intelligence is everywhere – in your smartphone, your TV, your social media feed. That can be good. AI can give you everything from improved health care to personalized movie picks.