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Budget, Performance and Financial Reporting

The U.S. National Science Foundation is committed to ensuring funds are used effectively to support the foundation's mission and strategic goals.


The federal government operates on a fiscal year basis, from October 1st through September 30th. NSF's most recent budget request and its current plan can be found below.

FY 2024 Budget Request

NSF's FY 2024 budget request to Congress includes $11.314 billion for NSF, an increase of 18.6% from the agency’s current budget.

FY 2022 Current Plan

NSF's FY 2022 enacted budget is $8.8 billion, a 4.1% increase above its FY 2021 appropriation.


Fiscal Year 2023 Request

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Each year, NSF publishes its Annual Performance Report, which provides information on the progress the foundation has made toward achieving the goals and objectives in its strategic plan and its Annual Performance Plan.

FY 2022 Performance and Financial Highlights

Summary report of NSF's financial and performance results for the fiscal year.

Annual Performance Report and Performance Plan

These reports summarize NSF's progress on achieving its goals and the foundation's planned goals for the future.

FY 2022–2026 Strategic Plan

NSF's plan for achieving its mission, vision and strategic goals.

Financial reporting

FY 2022: At a glance

  • $8.8 billion in FY 2022 appropriations 
  • 1,516 NSF employees
  • 1,800 colleges, universities and other institutions receiving NSF funding
  • 11,000 competitive awards funded
  • 352,000 researchers, postdoctoral fellows, trainees, teachers and students supported directly by NSF

FY 2022 Performance and Financial Highlights

Summary report of NSF's financial and performance results for the fiscal year.

FY 2022 Agency Financial Report

The Agency Financial Report provides financial and accountability information for the fiscal year.

NSF by the Numbers

This interactive dashboard provides statistical and funding information for awards, NSF-funded institutions, funding rates, proposals evaluated, and obligations by fiscal year.